23 February 2022 13:21:47 IST

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What jobs to look for as an MBA with SAP FICO certification?

I am in my final year of MBA in HR and finance. I’m pursuing SAP-FICO as a value-add for my career. After completing SAP-FICO, how do I find the right job as a fresher, and where do I need to look? -  Swetha Virumandi

You’ve made some smart academic choices there, Swetha! The combination of an MBA in HR and finance topped by exposure to a core SAP module like FICO will put you ahead in the race. SAP-FICO skill-sets are well in demand at organisations in software services, consulting companies, and ERP-focussed solution providers. So, trust the SAP-FICO programme you are on will fetch you a formal certification to tag to your profile. 

Software services and consulting enterprises have mid-to-large ERP deployments running across domains, and FICO is a logical inclusion in most of them. FICO is a near-standard inclusion in ERP deployments at FMCG, retail, manufacturing, steel, oil and gas, automotive, insurance, plant maintenance, PSU, commodities, and financial service companies. 

Sectors to look out for

With large-scale digital transformations underway, MBAs with SAP certifications are in demand due to the techno-functional capability they bring. A finance MBA with SAP-FICO is a specialist skill-set. This skill set is in high demand now and will remain so as SAP further advances the module coverages. As a fresher, your agility to move across HR, finance, and SAP functions will be a key assessment during interviews. In addition, your functional fluency and openness to operate on all three functions will open more doors for you. 

The annual salary packages for MBA (HR/finance) with SAP-FICO (certification) range from ₹5.5 lakh to ₹11 lakh. The pay packages vary depending on the institution pedigree and channels (on- and off-campus) through which companies are hiring. 

The best spots to map for jobs as a fresher would be in companies in software services or consulting (Indian/Global), Big 4 consulting, FMCG, automotive, infrastructure, oil and gas, trade and logistics, and manufacturing and processing industries.