27 Jul 2021 21:23 IST

One-year vs two-year MBA

In the one-year programme, the target audience is different and the curriculum is condensed

What is the difference in learning objectives between a one-year executive MBA and a two-year general MBA? - Sasi Kiran Yelluri

The target audience is different between the one-year, full-time, MBA programme, and the two-year, full-time, MBA programme. The one-year programme is for those students who have two-five years of experience, average at around 3.5 years. They have already worked at large corporations in different work environments. And, they have only a year to spend on education. So the entire coursework is compressed into one year, virtually going through the same foundation courses, integrated courses, leadership lessons, and other kinds of strategy courses. The positioning of these students to the industry would be professionals with three to five years of experience who have sharpened their management skills.

On the other hand, nearly 70 per cent of students who sign up for the two-year programme do not have any work experience. With similar coursework, an internship is mandated in these programmes, so the pacing is different and there is additional classroom learning time. Besides these two fundamental differences, the course content, types of electives, curriculum, and so on, are quite similar. Even the faculty is shared among these two MBA programmes.