10 Aug 2021 17:33 IST

Facing rejection as a fresher

Ask recruiters for feedback and turn rejection into a learning opportunity

How to handle rejections from companies as freshers? We get rejected because of the lack of experience, but we need a chance to even gain experience. - Sonali Verma

It's quite understandable to feel a little frustrated with rejections from companies citing a lack of experience, when they’re unwilling to provide that experience journey in the first place. Two suggestions: never treat any rejection as a rejection of you as a person. It should never reduce your self-esteem or confidence. Even Jack Ma, the Chinese billionaire, recounted how among 24 applicants for a job, 23 were selected and he was the only one rejected! The others didn’t become billionaires, he did. So, treat each rejection as a step closer to the great job you will get.

The second suggestion is to ask yourself how you can improve in the way you present yourself to interviewers. Ask them for feedback — even if they’ve rejected your application. What did I do right? What could I improve? Use your student and personal journey to highlight qualities and skills that you know employers are looking for — times when you took the initiative, when you solved a difficult problem, when you demonstrated you are a quick learner. Work on showcasing how you will add value to them, and I can soon see that offer letter in your hands.