20 Aug 2021 18:42 IST

Entrepreneurship and MBA

Three ways to prepare yourself to join a start up straight out of B-school

How can final-year MBA students prepare themselves to join a start-up company? - Aaditya Saraswat

This article in BusinessLine on Campus I had written a while ago will give you a fair idea of what an MBA student can do to prepare for entrepreneurship. A lot of this is applicable even for students preparing to join a start-up.

Despite increased hiring by start-ups from B-schools, most B-schools still aren’t certain about how to deal with start-ups, which are usually different from conventional businesses in many ways. Start-ups tend to be much more focused and solve specific challenges that require specialised skills. Plus, they look for talent that can work across a wide range of roles.

What can you do? One, you will need to do your research and figure out which start-up is suitable for your skills and background. Two, choose your summer internships such that it helps you in joining a start-up. Three, embellish your skills outside the MBA programme (example, learning coding).