15 Sep 2021 19:13 IST

Joining a start-up as a fresher

Examine your risk appetite and have a fallback plan before you make your decision.

Does joining a start-up give a better learning experience to freshers rather than established companies? -Shalini Gupta

First and foremost, the question should be: what sort of a career do you want and therefore what kind of experience is essential for you to acquire? Second, what is the value that you bring to the table in any organisation with the skills and experience you have. Third, what is your risk-taking ability and appetite? For instance, have you got student loans to take care of? Is your family financially dependent on your earnings? Are you from a college of high repute where even if you fail, you can still fall on your feet and get back on track?

If you have a low risk-taking ability and the value that you bring to the table is uncertain or low, it may be better to first get solid experience from a well-known organisation in a key domain, get a steady income, and build your savings and bank balance. Thereafter, you can look at joining an appropriate start-up where you can get diverse experience, higher responsibilities in a high pressure and high-risk environment, and conceivably build wealth in a shorter time period.