23 March 2022 16:03:30 IST

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Composite industry: Scope for research?

University of Texas, Austin

D uring the past five months, from my work experience in the composite industry, I have found out that this industry has a lot of scope for automation. Can you suggest some colleges which are doing research in this field? -  N Arun 

At its heart, the study of composites involves the study of materials. Any institution which ranks high in Material Sciences and Engineering (MSE), combined with strong computer science or robotics, will be a good option. Remember that MSE is the second-most interdisciplinary field, after mechanical engineering. Look for large public universities, such as the University of Texas, UC Berkeley, Texas A&M, Purdue, Urbana Champaign, Michigan, Maryland, for leadership in this field. The top private engineering schools such as MIT, Stanford, CMU, Caltech are obviously excellent choices but the trouble is to gain admission because these are extraordinarily selective.