14 June 2022 14:42:10 IST

How important is work experience after BTech?

A fter completing my BTech, should I work for 3-4 years before I pursue MTech, or I should pursue MTech immediately after completing my BTech programme. What would benefit me more? Krishnan Kumar 

After BTech whether you do an MTech immediately or not depends on the career path that you are interested in. If you want to go into management or business roles, then you should take up a job for two years, then do an MTech and/or MBA. It is better to have job experience before joining the master’s programme.

But if you are planning to continue in research or want to get into direct engineering jobs, then it is better to do a master’s before taking up a job. That will give you some specialisation and so companies will give you a higher level of responsibilities. Of course, all this is only the start. Once you start working, how you learn and perform on the job is the only thing that matters.

(The writer is the founder of the coaching institute Ahaguru.)