12 July 2022 11:25:04 IST

How to hit the ground running in the advertising and marketing field

Marketers will have to find unique ways to woo consumers in the digital world | Photo Credit: Getty Images

W hat will be the new trends in marketing and advertising in the coming years? How can I as a student keep myself abreast of the changing landscape to be industry-ready? - Aditya Jha

As the boundaries between the offline and the online world are becoming more and more diffused, the rules of playing the game will constantly change. Consumers will, if I may say so, become more fickle. No, it doesn’t mean loyalty to brands and products would disappear, consumers will continue to have many more options.

No longer will they be willing to patiently wait for a brand or product to reach them. Being constantly connected — to each other, to brands, and to influencers, will bring new challenges to marketers. Hence, marketers will have to find ways in which to woo them.

I believe the tougher challenge for marketers is to make consumers rebuy their brands. Rebuying or repeat buying is what impacts revenues, market share and thereby profitability. It is important to differentiate and hop the consumer from the trial stage to repeated buying.

That is where advertising and promotions play a major role. Traditional methods of advertising may have to make way for new ones. An example of that is influencers, who are cropping up constantly and many skyrocket to fame in a matter of hours. Brands may need to jump on this bandwagon.

As a student, keep your eye on the ball by constantly reading reports from market research and consulting companies. They provide you with trends that will help you understand the future. Follow social media. And finally, read current affairs.

(The expert is Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing, Bhavan’s SPJIMR, Mumbai.)