26 July 2022 07:32:05 IST

Pursuing a career in data analytics: What you should know

W hat to consider before choosing analytics as a career and which domain is best for data analytics? - Abhishek Chauhan

Analytics is a part of STEM (science technology engineering mathematics) and  considered a hard subject to study. The subject involves computer science, mathematics, and statistics as core foundations. Therefore, while considering analytics as a career, aspirants should consider their own interest in those subjects before making a decision.

Data Analytics is prevalent in almost all business domains, — marketing, finance, banking, retail, e-commerce, supply chain, pharma, healthcare, and transportation. There is no particular industry domain which is better than the other. Depending on the company an aspirant is able to get a position with, his/her experience is typically shaped by the domain (of the company).

(The expert is Director of SP Jain School of Global Management’s Bachelor of Data Science programme.)