1. Lead and change, not react. Guess and put into play some mechanism, so you can win.
  2. Be a ‘knowledge sponge,’ absorbing information from beyond your industry and putting out insights for your people.
  3. Develop people through meetings, coaching, the way you conduct yourself and the questions you ask rather than the answers you provide.
  4. Build relationships with everybody in your ecosystem. The days of independent growth are over.
  5. Be accountable. If anything goes wrong in your company, you have to stand up and say, ‘I am accountable.’
  6. Have high self-awareness. When you are a leader, nobody tells you the truth. So, seek multi-source feedback.
  7. Inspire through personal work, habits, and personal behaviour. Inspiration must come from lofty ideals and walking the talk.
  8. Communicate using different platforms. Be 24 by 7 with the team. Whether people listen or not is a different matter but that’s what they expect from their leaders.
  9. Have no place for complacency. Do not postpone even for a minute something which you can do right now.
  10. Get REAL. This is my acronym for Relevance, Excellence, Authenticity and Luck. Leaders have to be relevant and excellent at what they do. Being authentic means sticking to a few values and communicating them consistently all the time. As the world shortens, you must have luck by your side. You might tick all the boxes and still fail, so you need luck. But you need to be prepared for luck to favour you.