23 Dec 2019 15:36 IST

4 careers for people who are easily distracted

Prone to mind-wandering? Here are some career options that may suit your temperament and type

If you’re someone who’s prone to mind-wandering, you may want to pick a job or career that provides the right amount of distractions for your natural temperament. Few career paths will provide you with more variety than entrepreneurship. From coming up with an idea, to finding the resources to turn that idea into action, to interacting with key stakeholders to sell and develop your business, there’s just no time for boredom or routine when you have turned yourself into a business.

If you have difficulty switching off, disconnecting, or staying focused on the same topic for extended periods of time, you may also want to consider a career in PR or media production. There’s rarely a dull moment when you have to manage clients from different industries and businesses, be prepared to react to any news eventuality, or learn how to communicate with very different audiences and in a wide range of media.

Another career alternative if you want to avoid monotony and routine is consulting. And a final option is journalism, where you need to brand and sell yourself like an entrepreneur, always be open and reactive to the news, and always be exploring new questions. In sum, there’s no need to stress out if you struggle with distraction. A better approach to maximising your career potential is to identify a role that is a natural fit for your natural dispositions.