03 Dec 2020 18:20 IST

Amazon’s new employee tracking tech has many takers

The product is advertised as a safety monitoring tool, but its customers have a different purpose

Amazon is known for monitoring its workers' movements in excruciating detail. It uses many tracking systems to automatic tools that keep tabs on each individual’s measure of productivity, earning a reputation for invasiveness. AWS Panorama offers some version of Amazon’s obsessive employee tracking tools to companies willing to cough up the cash.

The new hardware and software development kits (SDK) adds machine learning and computer vision capabilities to companies' surveillance camera networks. Companies around the world queue up to get Amazon’s latest tech. Although Amazon partially advertises the new system as allowing you “to monitor workplace safety,” corporate customers clearly have a different purpose in mind. Amazon’s AWS Panorama appliance will be available for purchase for $4,000 per device, with an additional charge of $8.33 a month per active camera stream, in 2021.

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