13 Oct 2020 16:11 IST

Consumers are less forgiving during the pandemic

High demands from retailers scrambling to do business online has caused decrease in customer loyalty

There has been an increase in complaints from the consumer side during the pandemic with some decrease in loyalty, reveals Wharton’s new study. As businesses moved online overnight, many retailers weren’t ready for the onslaught of sales and had trouble managing their business with little to no experience. People have also become slightly more sensitive about shipping charges, return policies and complicated websites. Another aspect to it is that companies could now clearly maintain virtual records of customer complaints, as walk-ins and in-store complaints generally go unrecorded.

According to the study, a sizable number of Gen Z shoppers reported a high rate of dissatisfaction. It’s possible that they expect online shopping to go right because they are more sophisticated about online as ‘digital natives.’ The study also noted that Gen Zers are an important segment for the retail sector to pay attention to because as they age and make more money in their careers, they’ll soon also be spending more. Listen to Wharton’s Thomas Robertson podcast about hindering customer loyalty during the pandemic here.