08 Jun 2021 16:29 IST

Empowering your team to make their own decisions

Leaders need to be accessible, but not necessarily constantly available

When employees bring every little “speed bump” in their day to their managers, it causes interruptions in their work schedule. It’s hard to say no, as it is also a leader’s responsibility to be available to their teams. But it should not come at the cost of everyone’s work being interrupted unpredictably, all throughout the day.

Here are four ways to empower employees to make their own decisions:

Declare openly

Identifying whether an “open-door policy” is something that is promoted in your organisation. Indicate your do-not-disturb clearly and encourage your team to do the same. Make it explicit that an open-door policy does not mean anyone is available to be interrupted at any time for any reason.

Promote self-confidence

Set boundaries and ensure your teams understand the responsibilities of their role, the kinds of decisions they can make on their own, and the general limits of their authority. Instead of answering all their questions, try using the phrase, “I trust your judgement.” It makes your direct reports better at solving their problems on their own, boosting their confidence.

Embrace tough decisions

If there are employees whose judgement you don’t trust, try to understand why, so you can find solutions.

Mistakes are opportunities

Every mistake becomes a teachable moment. Hold team members accountable but use the consequences of their decisions as teaching opportunities. Create safe environments to make mistakes and learn from them.

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