29 Jul 2021 21:42 IST

Global employers think MBA needs a makeover

The good news is there is room for growth as many are willing to collaborate

It is an innovate-or-die time for B-schools as online learning and e-certificates gain legitimacy in the eyes of employers. The good news is that there is plenty of room for growth as many are willing to co-create programmes and collaborate.

Increased competition

The growth in online MBAs frees learners from geographical limitations. They can choose to study globally and B-schools are competing in a global market. This requires them to assign far greater importance to the quality of education provided.

Networking opportunities

B-schools need to improve their alumni engagement as most students wish to study an MBA to build personal networks and get a head-start in their careers.

Measuring impact

The vast majority of employers say measuring impact of the learning and development goals will be key in deciding on a potential partner (B-school). Because recruiters seek to build long-term relationships with fewer blind spots in the process.

Rankings and brand image

Rankings play a huge role in forming the brand image for a business school. Student-testimonials of having benefited after investing in an MBA programme also make a difference.

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