26 Apr 2019 17:45 IST

Have a job interview?

Here's how you can showcase your passion differently in a job interview

Demonstrating passion is not the only yardstick by which one judges a great job candidate. However hiring managers repeatedly refer to this trait in their interview feedback — so you need to figure out how to best convey what matters most to you. In your responses during an interview, rather than reference what you did, talk about why you chose to do it. Your passion may lie in activities you are not ‘required’ to do, so talk about what you do with your extra time and why. Talk about your hobbies and how you channel your passion into side projects. Talk about organisations you’ve volunteered with. You don’t need to impress your interviewers by displaying the kind of full-throated, table-thumping behaviour companies tend to equate with passion. Show them that passion comes in different forms that can yield impressive outcomes — the kind of results you’ve already nailed. Read the full article from Harvard Business Review on “How to Show You’re Passionate in a Job Interview” here.