04 May 2019 18:43 IST

How companies can support breastfeeding employees

Here are nine suggestions on how to make a workplace more welcoming for nursing mothers

Until recently, employer liability for breastfeeding discrimination was rare; but that’s changing rapidly. As per a recent study, breastfeeding discrimination lawsuits have grown in recent years, by 800 per cent in just a decade. Many employers still remain vulnerable due to a lack of consciousness of mothers’ needs. While federal and state legal requirements in the US leave companies without a clear standard of exactly what they must do to comply, supporting breastfeeding employees by executing nine key practices will not only keep your organisation in line with the various laws; it can also help to retain valued employees and save money. Some suggestions for the employers include standing up in support of breastfeeding parents; providing adequate space, basic amenities, and being clear in your written documents on what’s expected of HR leaders, managers, and employees. Read the full article from Harvard Business Review here.