31 Dec 2019 16:32 IST

How one person can change the conscience of an organisation

Middle managers can make significant changes when they have the right mindset

While corporate transformations are almost universally assumed to be top-down processes, in reality, middle managers, and first-line supervisors can make significant change when they have the right mindset. Dr Tadataka Yamada was one of dozens of executives the authors spoke to over the last several years to learn how one can succeed in making positive change in large organisations. His story shows many of traits the authors observed in interviews. He had a clarity of conscience and was willing to speak up. He took every chance, even small ones, to hone his skills of challenging the status quo for the greater good. He didn’t let tough challenges gradually slip from focus because they were “too big” to tackle in the moment. Finally, he centred his purpose on helping those with less privilege. Read the full story here.