14 Sep 2021 20:59 IST

Influencer marketing isn’t just for big brands

Ways to capture their attention and pitch your brand

Influencer marketing is often an overlooked tactic for new brands. It never features in the early-stage growth marketing plan. But influencer marketing is not just reserved for big brands, many content creators are willing to work with smaller brands as well. The value and power of influencer marketing, and the increasing spend by companies in this field makes it worth exploring.

There are a myriad of ways when it comes to capturing their attention and pitching your brand.

When you are cold e-mailing or sliding into their DMs, make a clear brand pitch, attach an enticing offer, and state clear next steps. Influencers receive reams of messages from their fans and followers. The key to getting their attention is a carefully crafted email on why they should care and what your brand’s key value propositions are. Show them how their personal brand, their content, and style, relates to your product. Depending on budget and risk tolerance, there are three ways to make an offer — paying a one-time fixed fee, paying for each conversion (CPA performance basis), or a hybrid of the two.

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