22 Jun 2021 13:46 IST

Perfecting your MBA resume

The right resumes highlight components crucial to your MBA application

The founder of Stacy Blackman Consulting, Stacy Blackman, discussed three things that applicants should include in their MBA resumes to convince the admissions committees of top B-schools.

Leadership experience: Aspirants who demonstrate leadership potential are often well-suited for a B-school. It does not have to be a start-up experience or a manager position at a company, but anything that shows how you identified an opportunity and took an initiative.

Communication skills: The resume is a prime real estate for displaying savvy communication skills through crisp writing and well-chosen words. This can even make mundane tasks look like professional achievements.

Growth: The trajectory of professional growth over the years can be clearly seen in a resume. Blackman says, showcasing a a track record of moving the needle by showing continual progression can have a huge impact.

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