27 Oct 2021 19:40 IST

Rise and rise of B-schools in India

Why the demand for management education is likely to substantially increase

Management education in India began in the early 1960s, and over the years the pace of progress remains unabated. It is estimated that India has more than 5,000 B-schools in operation, and if one includes unapproved institutions, the number could be as large as 7,000. Two emerging trends that are likely to sustain, and substantially increase, the demand for management education in India are — remote working and need of data analytics pros.


Many global firms are likely to recruit employees to work directly for them from abroad to reduce wage costs. Opportunities are plenty for management graduates to compete on a global stage.

Data analytics

Companies are desperately looking for graduates who can read and interpret huge volumes of data generated from explosive growth of online work. Data analytics helps firms understand their customers better and innovate rapidly to respond to changing customer demands.

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