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Skills to master for a social media job

Want a job in social media? Here are some things to know

The job title 'social media manager' hardly existed a few years ago, but now has become an essential position when it comes to managing external and even internal communication within a firm. Mashable lists the skills a social media manager should posses to excel in the job.

Targeted communication

Social media gives a voice to your brand but for that voice to be heard you can not use the same message across all the social platforms. The content or message should slightly differ in terms of delivery, form, and tone. For instance, what is best suited for Facebook, may not be apt for Twitter or instagram, says Mashable.


Where writing creativity is a must, it is important to create visually appealing yet informative content. Not just the creative, you need to have a posting strategy too that can include differemt kinds of creative and eclectic content, including videos, ebooks, images, promotions, and landing pages.

Marketing and advertising know-how

The reason companies use social media is to gain visibility and interact with customers. To make sure that interaction takes place, tools such as Facebook's advanced ads-creation tool, Power Editor, come handy, adds Mashable.

Social media advertising

In general, anyone entering the industry should have a thorough knowledge of Facebook ads. If you need help learning how to use them effectively, I recommend checking out Jon Loomer. He's been training businesses on how to use Facebook ads effectively since Facebook's ad program first launched, so any question you have is likely addressed in his blog.

Critical thinking

The ability to analyse results of your social media efforts is equally important. Statistics such as, "the times of day and days of the week posts get the best engagement, whether your followers like videos more than photos, or if you see a spike in new followers when you host a giveaway," can give you a fair idea if your brand is being noticed on these platforms, informs Mashable.

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