14 Jan 2020 15:24 IST

Strategies for creating an inclusive workplace

Take action to build an organisation where every employee can thrive

Women of colour face major obstacles to being heard, valued, and respected in their jobs. They feel their ideas aren’t heard or recognised, and they express feeling stalled in their careers. But these individuals bring diverse ideas and experiences to the table, which can help companies innovate and grow. Any company that wants to realise the full potential of its employees should be taking action to create safe and inclusive workplaces where women of colour can achieve their full potential.

There are a number of strategies employers, leaders, and managers can use to help create a more inclusive workplace. First, embrace the business case for diversity and inclusion. Second, tackle bias through employee and leadership training programmes. Next, practice inclusive leadership by creating a safe team environment. Then, provide sponsorship programmes, so women of colour can learn the ropes and have someone advocate for them. Finally, hold leaders accountable. Make sure that inclusion is a core value of the organisation — not just something you do to “check a box.” Read the full article.