19 April 2022 18:31:25 IST

Why leaders with contagious positive energy are more crucial than ever

There are two types of people — energizers and de-energizers. When energizers enter a room, everyone feels enthused, inspired, and connected. De-energizers, on the other hand, are depleting, the ones who sap your energy every time and leave you demoralised.

In organisations, a leader’s relational energy has an outsize effect on employees and work culture. If the leader is a positive energizer, the effect magnifies, and as a result, everyone flourishes.

But when we say positive energy, it is not a superficial, false demonstration of positivity, where you turn a blind eye to everyday stresses and real pressures employees are experiencing. It is a deep and active demonstration of values — forgiveness, compassion, humility, kindness, trust, integrity, honesty, generosity, and gratitude.

Leaders with positive relational energy, their greatest secret is that by uplifting others through authentic, values-based leadership, they end up lifting up both themselves and their organisations. Many studies on positive leadership have proved that leaders focused on contributing to others are substantially more effective than leaders focused on personal achievement and success.

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