08 Sep 2020 13:30 IST

Why taking up the MBA even amid a pandemic is worth it?

Experts say that the students entering the B-school now will graduate into a fully recovered economy

The classes have moved online completely overnight and many are missing out on the exciting campus experience that many B-schools offer. Students are worried about the prospects of landing a job after having paid a hefty tuition fees. So is this a time to apply to an MBA programme?

Experts say that the students taking up the MBA now will graduate into a fully recovered economy, better prepared and fully ready to take advantage of the situation. Many B-schools have altered their curriculum to inculcate relevant skills and leverage new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the core of any business and entrepreneurship programme is developing the ability to assess and bear sensible risks, and navigate through tough times. There’s no better time to learn that than now.

Pursuing a graduate degree in business to learn valuable skills, cultivate one’s leadership potential, and acquire a supportive network of connected professionals is a risk worth taking and has proved to have many long-term and short-term benefits. Health crisis or an economic recession, no matter how severe, will not last severe forever. But an MBA degree will. Read the full story here.