11 Mar 2021 21:18 IST

How website FAQs add value to your brand

Crisp answers with SEO-rich keywords can help your site rank better and improve organic traffic

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. They serve several benefits to your website and brand as a whole. Google needs to find easy, understandable answers for queries fast. Including FAQ for websites can help Google discover your site in the first few results, provided your answers are beneficial and optimised. One way to ensure that your users have a complete understanding of the topic whilst increasing traffic is to have SEO rich snippets or FAQ for website for your visitors. Here are five benefits of having an FAQ section on your website.

Increases user-friendliness

Users cannot afford to browse through every page or product to find the answer to their query. It also becomes expensive for brands to lose potential customers. Having FAQ for website saves time for users, and clears the most common doubts related to your business. For example, if you sell home made skincare products, some users would like to know if you ship internationally. Answering this question while adding how long it takes approximately and how much you charge will increase your conversion rate. FAQ pages act as the central point for all doubts in many high traffic pages

Boosts traffic

Providing answers to queries regarding your business, industries and competitors can increase traffic. Good FAQ for websites answers popular questions. As more users search for these questions, your possibility of being discovered increases. Google produces a list of the results for the searched queries, but it also highlights blogs and content that provide the most direct answer. So, if you have SEO rich snippets with long-tail keywords, you can boost website traffic organically.

Easy site navigation

FAQs, if you notice, are present in all high traffic websites. FAQ for websites also reduces the bounce rate and increase conversions for the website because queries relevant to your service or product will be answered with appropriate CTAs placed on the page. For example, you are reading an FAQ answer for a tooth cavity, and in the answer, you have the option to book an appointment with the clinic that has published this page. As users learn more about your brand and service through such clickable links, your chances of converting this user into a lead increases.

Brand credibility

FAQ pages when carefully designed can create rich SEO snippets, so your answer is more likely to show up than other pages. As you answer more important and popular questions, your brand’s credibility increases. This way, you establish yourself as a thought leader in your area of expertise. Answering in a comprehensive, direct way builds a user’s confidence in your brand and the services you provide. So, the next time the users have a query, they would trust the answer you provide more than a lesser-known website perhaps.

Target audience

Make note of the most common questions your audience has. Writing comprehensive answers for these queries helps the user overcome any doubts, fears, difficulties in understanding your product or service. You can regularly update the sections as you learn more about what your audience wants to know. For example, social media handles are a great tool to know the most popular questions. Apart from this technique, request your customer-facing employees to note down the audience’s common questions.

Here are some tips for creating effective FAQs for your website:

Categorise questions into relevant groups

    Type questions and answers in a conversational and friendly manner. Make sure the answers are small, direct and comprehensive

      Have at least five to six FAQs per topic. For instance, online doctor consultation platform mFine answered all FAQs on the importance of weaning. This will help you understand how to go about it

      • Add call to actions and links to other website content
      • Include long-tail keywords
      • Update the questions as more services/products are added
      • Ensure that your answers are well-researched

      FAQs for website are imperative to increase traffic. They increase your chances of being discovered through featured snippets and appear in the "people also ask" section in search results. These FAQs must be answered in a comprehensive and easy to understand fashion. The creation of such popular questions helps reduce bounce rate, build brand trust and credibility, leading to higher conversion rates. If you follow these tips mentioned above, within a few months of implementation, you are sure to see an increase in traffic.