17 Dec 2020 17:17 IST

Make professional-looking videos at home

A video with proper lighting, uncluttered background, and sound clarity makes a huge impact

If you are a digital content creator, then you must be aware of the impact a good video can have on your audience. A good video is of the right length, has great video and sound clarity, a solid professional backdrop, and the most important — good content. While many creators have engaging content, some struggle with creating and editing videos.

The pandemic has created lesser accessibility to professional video directors and editors. So, content creators have to film the videos by themselves at their homes. It does not matter if you are creating for documentation of your memories or for posting online, these simple tips and tricks will change the way you film videos at home.

Properly stabilised videos

This requirement can make or break your videos. A properly stabilised video enables the user to stay focused on the video. Shaky videos cause a lapse in visual clarity and sound, and these distractions can hamper the audience’s experience. You need a sturdy hand to make sure the position is steady. However, using your hands also creates a possibility of unknowingly closing the mic.

Invest in a mobile tripod, to take the quality to a level higher. This also provides various levels of height and 360-degree rotation which lets you experiment with several angles.

    Ample light and elegant background

    Proper lighting is important, both for clarity and the audience experience. It enhances each element of the video, especially if you are filming people. The lighting of the video can set the mood, as well. Filming in sunlight is the most cost-effective way but you can also invest in ring lights. Ring lights have few levels of brightness and different types of light like yellow, white, and tungsten.

    Proper lighting lets you experiment with shadows, making your video look studio-shot. As for the backgrounds, you can have minimalist patterns and colours. You can also invest in white screens and green screens if you want to take it up a notch. Gaudy colours should be avoided if you want a more sophisticated and simpler vibe. Make sure your props in the video are not tacky and complements the video. For example, in a cooking video having a blender in the background is relevant but it may not be as relevant for a film review.

      Go easy on editing

      If you are using filters, remember that they can affect the resolution of your video. Learn basic techniques on the video editing apps on your laptop and phone. Apps these days are very advanced and are great for basic editing by themselves. Play around with brightness, contrast, and vibrancy to add sharpness to your videos. Do not overly edit the videos as it can create an amateur look. Film in small segments so that it is easy for you to edit and create a montage. Creating an entire video in one shot means you have to re-shoot everything again in case something goes wrong. It also helps you to view the recorded video to better your work.

        Use your back camera

        Whether it's Apple, Samsung, Google, or any brand of phone, it is recommended that you record using the back camera. The front camera may seem convenient but it can lower the clarity and definition of a video. Work using the grid lines present on the phone. Grid lines help in bringing equal space for the backdrop and equal space for the subject. It also enables you to position the subject right, for example, eyes above the topmost grid line. Understanding the rule of thirds and applying it adds professionalism to the video.

          Plan your videos in advance

          Content creators working from home do not meticulously plan and film content. Some just film when they find the time. Properly planning your video can help you decide the way you want the video to look and helps in the organisation of your thoughts. You may have several great ideas but sometimes you will realise that they are not feasible only while filming. This also helps you avoid distractions in the video such as a television programme running at the back, or people talking. Once you’re done planning the aesthetics of your video, start writing a small script to make sure the purpose of the video is landing well with your audience.

            So these are the simple, do-able habits you can practice while filming videos at home. It is very simple to create unskippable videos with technological advancements. Make sure you follow basic principles but do not let these guidelines stop you from trying new techniques. The key to making your videos unique is you. So experiment, find your style, and enjoy what you’re doing and it’ll show in your creation!