02 Jun 2015 13:14 IST

Want to get hired as you intern? Choose consulting

Internships turning out to be gateway to full-time jobs after MBA

If you are an MBA graduate, you might want to pay as much attention to your summer internship, as you would to your full-time job. Internships nowadays are turning out to be the gateway to full-time jobs after MBA. The plan is more likely to work for students who were hired as interns in management consulting firms, according to a Bloomberg Business article. The article is based on new data in a LinkedIn report, under which LinkedIn analysed job data of about 1000 users, who graduated from top business schools in the year 2014.

According to the data, about 61 per cent of MBA graduates after graduation were hired by the companies, which offered them an internship. The Bloomberg article reveals that the banking and IT industries also retained a large share of interns. About 42 per cent of MBAs, who interned with banks or financial services firms in 2013, were hired by the same companies after graduation in 2014. The percentage was 39 per cent for the IT industry. Simultaneously, the venture capital and private equity firms hired the least number of interns with just 13 per cent of graduates returning to the same companies. One of the reasons for such turn-around for management consulting firms, these companies may have a more established pipeline for transition from internship to job.

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