23 Jun 2016 20:23 IST

6 ways to make the most of your time at B-school

Right from networking to exploring campus, here's how you can make your stay at b-school count

It’s time for new beginnings, as you gear up for your first B-school experience.

Your campus will be a world in itself; think of it as an island encompassing different people who have different beliefs, different ways of working and who can offer a completely new outlook towards life. As you start to soak in all the experiences behind the gates — right from interacting with professors, fellow classmates and industry experts — here are a few points that will help make your stay worthwhile.

Sharing is saving

Irrespective of whether you’ve jumped into MBA right after college or whether you’ve worked for a while, stepping into student life means you have to be frugal about finance. Which is why sharing expenses with your roommate or batchmates is a good idea. Not only will you save some money, the experience is something you will cherish for life, especially if you’re sharing a ride or a meal with someone who will become a good friend.

Check the checklist

When you step inside the campus, don’t forget to complete academic formalities like configuring your laptop and email, or getting your library and identity card issued. Remember, a B-school is a highly dynamic environment, so don’t be surprised if you’re bombarded with mails as soon as you finish configuration. And, believe it or not, 98 per cent of them will be important!

Keep checking them constantly; after all, you wouldn’t want to miss your induction just because you didn’t check e-mails.

Make good connections

At B-schools, you can start networking right from the word ‘go’ — which means induction sessions. And believe you me, these sessions are equally, if not more, strenuous than the hardcore corporate induction sessions.

Some of these can last for as long as five to seven days. However, this gives you a good opportunity to mingle with batchmates and to get to know your faculty.

It stretches your limit both physically and mentally, preparing you for the years to come. You will be exhausted and sleep-deprived. But enjoy it while it lasts because your first B-school party will be waiting for you at the other end of this session!

Before you ready that dress for the party, however, don’t forget to keep your business suit ironed at all times and in all seasons. You never know when there will be serious sessions by faculty and industry experts. And make the most of these opportunities by introducing yourself to them, if possible. The connections you make here can go a long way in your career.

Shy won’t shine

If you’re the one who shies away from talking to people, get ready to shed that image and don a new one that transforms you into a confident, inquisitive, and smart conversationalist. If speaking a large group scares you, start with extending a friendly hello to the batchmate sitting next to you — and all other people whom you come across, right from house-keeping staff to the administrative staff.

Nights are when B-schools usually come alive, whether it’s for a football game or to meet a case submission deadline due early the next day. These are also the times when you chill out with friends and batchmates. So, work hard, but make sure you don’t miss out on the fun.

Campus walk

You might think you’ll have enough time to explore everything about the campus, but to do it leisurely, we suggest you make the most of the first few weeks, when the pressure of deadlines won’t be too much. There are lots of things to look forward to — library, mess, hostels, academic block, basketball court, classrooms — even sutta corners.

Explore the vicinity

We don’t have to mention this specifically, but check out areas outside the campus — the usual hangouts, grocery stores, restaurants and the like. You will find yourself visiting these places more often than you think. Also, make sure you have the phone numbers of people who will matter in your time at the college, such as the rickshaw drivers or the food delivery guys. They can be real life-savers.