28 Dec 2016 19:52 IST

A different kind of gold rush

Varsha Jain of MICA recently won an award for management research

Varsha Jain, a professor at MICA, Ahmedabad, was awarded the AIMS-IRMA Outstanding Management Researcher Award at the 14th AIMS International Conference. This is her third award in last four years.


The scholar thanked MICA; Madhukar Kamath, President, MICA and Dean Preeti Shroff for their consistent help and support in her research. “They gave me the opportunity to conduct my research and share the work at a global platform. Additionally, I’d like to thank my colleagues, students and PhD scholars, who were my co-authors in multiple publications,” she said.

She had to compete with top scholars and professors from institutes across India, including the IIMs, to win this award. “This award means a lot to me as I invested around 10 hours daily on the scholarship and publications. I have been working on this for the past eight and a half years. It is very challenging to manage quality and quantity in research projects. When these efforts are appreciated and recognised in our country, it makes me happy,” she said.

She added, “These awards affect me on five levels. As an individual, it motivates me to scale up the research to a global level. At a professional level, it inspires me to work more and achieve global milestones in research. As a scholar, it motivates other emerging scholars to work hard in research. Society also understands the importance of research and develop, which is appreciate. And my family and friends help me so that I can devote long hours to work. In particular, my seven-year-old son who got inspired by my previous two gold medals in research and won his own at the age of six in the Olympiad exam in English.”

Varsha has also won awards for being a young researcher and a woman management researcher.