10 Jan 2018 19:18 IST

Automation to change job designations and nature of work

Ravikumar KY, HR Head of Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd, speaks to the students of Institute for Financial Management & Research

IFMR accredited by the South Asian Quality Assurance System for five years

On December 28, the external relations committee of Institute for Financial Management & Research (IFMR) organised a guest lecture, inviting Ravikumar KY, an alumnus of NIT Trichy, HR Head of Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd. The theme of the event was ‘HR connect – Campus to Corporate’.

The idea behind the theme was to give a brief vision to the students about the contemporary role of HRM across various industries. It was an interactive session where the speaker answered specific questions asked by the students.

Ravikumar stated that the role of a HR head is no longer confined to just employee management; it has become more dynamic over the years and has started incorporating other functions of business as well. With the development of better technologies a new domain within the field has evolved and is popularly called HR analytics.

He stressed on the role of automation and how it is going to shift the gears of operations within every industry, thereby increasing profitability. The demand for manpower will witness a steep decline in the coming years and one might think that the role of HR is on track to become obsolete. But he insisted that it or any other MBA specialisation is not going to become outdated; instead the job designation and nature of the work will evolve to match the ongoing changes taking place in the broader world.

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IFMR was accredited by the South Asian Quality Assurance System (SAQS) for a period of five years from December 14. SAQS is an international system of strategic audit and accreditation designed for the assessment of institutions in widely different national contexts. It is a globally benchmarked system for mentoring, quality improvement, quality assurance and accreditation. SAQS accreditation is awarded by The Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia, an international not-for-profit association, and is a SAARC recognised body.