17 Nov 2017 18:51 IST

BCG plans to hire more from the top B-schools this year

The firm’s head of recruitment Suresh Subudhi says that it will look at new schools to hire from



Suresh Subudhi, Partner and Head of Recruitment, The Boston Consulting Group says BCG plans to hire from the top B-schools this year. Subudhi, who joined BCG in 2005 and is an MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad, also elaborates on the industries that are growing rapidly and offer good job potential. In this interview, he also talks about what BCG looks for in candidates while hiring.

Last year, BCG hired 100 graduates, or more, from B schools around the country. It was among the top, if not the top, recruiters in the country. What is the scenario this year?

BCG continues to see a strong growth trajectory this year and we plan to hire more than we did last year from the top B-schools. We hire from the 10 top B-schools in the country, including IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, IIM-L and ISB.

BCG generally recruits B-schoolers who do their summer placements with you; has that been the trend this year as well?

We will continue with a similar hiring trend. However, for the upcoming cycle, we plan to focus and increase our final hiring numbers as well. Given our increasing needs, we will also be exploring new pools.

What sectors does BCG see growth in?

Across the board — industrial, financial services, consumer, energy, technology, media and telecom, and health care are key drivers.

Which are the areas, apart from consulting, where jobs are available, where students can look for opportunities?

Students can look for opportunities in digital, analytics, and in the research space.

What qualities does BCG seek in an MBA graduate?

We attribute our success to our people and culture. One does not have to fit into a mould at BCG — in fact, we don’t have one! We are a firm that takes pride in our ability to continually ask “why not?”. Hence, we look for people who can make their own mould and challenge the status quo; those who are willing to push the envelope on creative thinking, have an entrepreneurial streak to take on the most complex problems and connect with people to lead the change.

How fast is BCG growing in India?

BCG has been the fastest growing consulting firm in India for the last 10 years, and continues to be so. We are now amongst the largest in India, having 1,200-plus people across consulting, knowledge, support, and analytics.

Which B-schools are you looking to hire from this year?

In addition to the current pool, we would be looking to expand our hiring to international schools and plan to target the select few in the top tier.