20 June 2022 14:01:27 IST

BIMTECH hosts 35th Commencement Day

(from left to right) Harivansh Chaturvedi, Director, BIMTECH and Gokhale Institute Vice-Chancellor Ajit Ranade 

Ajit Ranade, Vice-Chancellor, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, BIMTECH, was the chief guest of the 35 th Commencement Day. Addressing the students, he said: “In the domain of private sector management education, BIMTECH is one of the top five colleges. You have absolutely made the right choice. You should not be worried about placements. You are from the tiny minority that will do well. Don’t let the packages discourage you. Don’t be anxious. You are from the cohort that will do very well. Bottom line is that the economy is good, however, there are fiscal challenges but we have a young demography.” 

He also appreciated BIMTECH’s technology-oriented management programmes and further added, “Though the world economy is uncertain, the Indian economy is more domestically driven. We have seen 101 unicorns emerge in the country in 2021-22. In 2022-2023, triple the number is expected. And that is where the opportunity lies for our youth.”

Nearly 300 students have registered for the four PGDM programmes — core area, international business, insurance business management, and retail management.

Improving gender ratio

The welcome address was delivered by Harivansh Chaturvedi, Director, BIMTECH. “The new batch has 57 students, 21 per cent of the batch is from an engineering background, and 20 per cent is from science and humanity discipline. Our gender ratio in this batch has improved this time with 40 per cent women. Roughly 16 per cent of students have work experience. This is very affirmative from the diversity point of view and I would like to say that BIMTECH seriously believes in diversity.”

Guest of honour Bhavana Batra, Executive Director, Global People Programmes Leader, S&P Global, said that “In the world of work, there are possibilities and no one can say we have achieved everything, as we are rethinking what it will take to bring success. I suggest you be buoyant and be open to opportunities. But these opportunities will not come as we expect them to. No matter how beautifully constructed a strategy, maybe you need people who are bright and ready to work, I believe humans are not resources but human capital is the biggest strength of organisation.”

Some of the other dignitaries were the Ambassador of Costa Rica HE Claudio Ansorena Montero; DG-EPCH Rakesh Kumar; and Oracle Director Neeraj Naraang; and Former CMD of United India Vijay Srinivas.