08 Sep 2021 14:44 IST

Cass officially rebranded as Bayes B-school

Bayes theorem, which suggests we get closer to the truth by constantly updating our beliefs, inspired the B-school

Cass formally becomes Bayes Business School from September 6, 2021 — the beginning of the academic year. The school is renamed after Thomas Bayes (1702-1761), a nonconformist theologian and mathematician, best known for his foundational work on conditional probability. Bayes’ theorem suggests that we get closer to the truth by constantly updating our beliefs in proportion to the weight of new evidence. It is this idea — not only the person — that is the motivation behind adopting this name. Bayes’ ideas are central to finance, actuarial science, and many branches of management, the core disciplines of the B-school. They are also the foundation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, a release from the institute, said.

The University has committed to addressing issues surrounding inequality and opportunity, particularly around race and ethnicity. City has committed to funding five PhD scholarships for Black British students each year (one for each of City’s five Schools, including the Business School) and further details will be announced shortly.

Other important work at City has included applying for Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter status, continuing to address the Degree Awarding Gap, and working in partnership with students and our Students’ Union to address issues of underrepresentation.

The Business School will also launch a significant scholarship programme for Black UK-domiciled undergraduate students to improve under-representation within the School. This programme will run for ten years and offer ten scholarships per year, covering all tuition fees, and an annual stipend.