03 Jan 2020 16:38 IST

Get closer to MICA, one podcast at a time

The institute launches MICAST — the official podcast; will be available on Google Podcast, Spotify

MICA Ahmedabad, launched its official podcast ‘MICAST’.The podcasts, run by students, will reflect happenings at MICA — conversations, interviews, analysis, and in-depth programming on variety of topics with faculty, alumni, guests and speakers. Apart from the MICA’s official social platforms, it will be available on platforms such as Google Podcast, Spotify and Apple Podcast.

The first episode of MICAST will have Dr Shailendra Raj Mehta, President and Director of MICA, who will be speaking on the vision of the institute, global collaborations, its current students, new batch, and the alumni.

The following episodes will have Dr Preeti Shroff, Dean, MICA, speaking about the curriculum, projects, pedagogy at MICA. Eminent personalities such as filmmaker R Balki, COO of IndiaMart Dinesh Gulati, award winning cinematographer Shanker Raman, and Dentsu Vice-President Kumar Deb Sinha will be featured.

Voicing the musings

The podcast has a dedicated team from its student community to voice the musings of MICA. Sharing his experience, a second-year student Jeffrey Modak who handles logistics, said: “MICAST has been an interesting intellectual property, foraying into a medium which is gaining popularity. The need and nature of this task required careful conceptualisation, planning the schedule, coordinating with guests and outlining relevant topics to be discussed — tying up MICA’s nuances with a focus on the guest’s industry expertise. In its first ever iteration, the core team has done a great job coming up with a jingle, the creatives and format of the series, along with the logistics of recording and commendable skills of processing raw recordings.”

Sanket Joshi, the editor of the podcast, said: “It has been a great experience as I was able to listen to ideas of stalwarts from various fields and their take in trends and the future.”

A second-year student and the host of the podcast, Ritwik Raje, said: “Being a public speaker, I always wanted to take my interest to a niche level and I felt MICAST was something that brought everything that I love together — MICA, public speaking and marketing. To me, MICAST is the culmination of marketing and MICA. The idea of MICAST was to capture the conversations which are outside the purview of our curriculum and take those conversations to each and everyone who are either interested in joining MICA or love marketing.”