20 Sep 2020 19:31 IST

Dalham launches e-learning platform

As a subscription-based model, it partners with institutes to offer courses in liberal studies

Dalham Learning, an e-learning platform aimed at “providing students with a holistic education integrated with liberal studies,” has been launched. The e-learning platform currently operates on a subscription-based B2B model wherein Dalham partners with educational institutes to engage with their students. Some of the institutes on-board include MIT University, Chitkara University, Jagran Lakecity University, RV College of Engineering, and TechnoIndia University.

Founded in July 2020 and headquartered in Bangalore, Dalham Learning is a brainchild of social entrepreneur Shekhar Bhattacharjee and has a strong team of veterans in the field of education. Together, Shekhar and Dr Indira Parikh envisioned to create a platform that would bridge the gap between skills and employability. Other core members of Dalham Learning include industry stalwarts such as Dr Piyush Roy, Chief Learning Officer; Manu M Nair, Head - Product and Operations; Dr Aradhana Talwar, Lead, Academics and curriculum; and Sayantani Chakrabarty, Lead, Content and Delivery.

Dalham Learning focuses on integrated social sciences and liberal studies with bite-sized content. The platform offers interdisciplinary programmes consisting of social science and liberal arts courses for engineering and management institutes. The platform aims to bring innovation to technical education with its two core offerings, which are:

Integrated liberal education programme bundle (I-LEP)

I-LEP offers courses for UG students doing BTech and BBA degrees of three years. The curriculum is spread over a period of ten months for post-graduate management students (MBA). It helps learners to develop a comprehensive understanding of various subjects under liberal education to grow as a dynamic professional. On completion of a degree, students also receive a certification in Liberal Studies from Dalham Learning

21st-century skills programme bundle

The 21st-century skills module seamlessly integrates 11 skill development courses and interdisciplinary learning. The coursework encourages students to apply 21st century skills in their technical learning to develop a holistic understanding of their curriculum.

Sharing his views, Founder Shekhar Bhattacharjee said, “This pursuit of knowledge is a journey of a relentless soul, a curious faculty, and a mind unchained. As our world moves towards an interconnected future, it is time we embrace what ‘liberate’ and ‘liberalising’ our mind means. Dalham Learning brings liberal education as an appendage to scientific and business knowledge. Along with a broader understanding and depth of knowledge, Dalham Learning aims to open the gates of young minds to limitless potential.”





Padma Shri Awardee and current Chairman of Manipal Global Education, T V Mohandas Pai was a keynote speaker at the event and he said, “Social sciences have a great role in making us understand how to live as full members of a diverse society. They give us the skills to negotiate and adapt to different situations, understand the views of others, and manage different perspectives. This approach can further empower us to appreciate the beautiful aspects of life, make us succeed in a very highly competitive world, and give us the emotional capital to live a full life. It is a novel approach that I’m confident will have far-reaching results.”