13 Oct 2020 19:01 IST

Economics department of Ashoka University tops RePEc rankings

Rankings are based on the volume and reach of the department’s research output

The Economics Department of Ashoka University has topped the Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) rankings in India out of 239 institutions. It also featured in the 31st position out of the 1,539 institutions in Asia. RePEc’s international database covers 8,198 institutions and 60,355 registered authors worldwide and the rankings are devised based on the volume as well as reach of the research output delivered by the department. Total publications, number of citations, and number of downloads of research papers of registered authors are taken into account.

Speaking about this achievement, Prof Malabika Sarkar, Vice-Chancellor, Ashoka University, said, “It is a significant achievement for us at the University. Ashoka is young, and for our Economics Department to have reached this level of recognition in India in such a short span of time is a testament to our belief in excellence. We take pride in the high quality of research in the Economics Department and are confident that this accomplishment will inspire others across the university.”

Dr Ratul Lahkar, Head, Economics Department, Ashoka University, said, “This ranking is based on the research output of the department and is a testament to our commitment towards excellence in research. It is particularly heartening to us that we have been able to secure this ranking despite being a relatively young department. We remain committed to striving for further excellence in this respect in the future.”