24 Nov 2020 19:13 IST

‘Education is science and its application an art’

Lt Gen Dr Madhuri Kanitkar spoke about learning to unlearn and showing resilience during crises at IIMB

Lt Gen Dr Madhuri Kanitkar, Deputy Chief, Integrated Defence Staff (Medical) under Chief of Defence Staff, said, “I had to undergo the very tough transformation from being a clinician to an administrator, and it is resilience that kept me afloat,” while delivering the keynote speech at the business conclave, hosted by the one-year MBA students of IIMB.

This year, the entire event themed ‘Learn, Unlearn, Adapt, Repeat,’ was held on the virtual mode due to the pandemic. . Leaders from diverse fields provided their insights on how to make businesses robust and future-proof using sustainable practices.

Building character

Discussing the need to learn and unlearn, Kanitkar said since knowledge is growing exponentially, we need to be flexible and adopt the new. “While we let go of the old, we have to retain what is important. We have to unlearn, adapt and repeat.”

Pointing out that education is not the same as economics, she said: “The purpose of education is to build character. Do not learn only to earn. Introspect and do not limit your mind. Education is science and its application is an art. Go beyond the syllabus and change information into wisdom. Give time for assimilation and importance to your passion. And it is important to find good mentors,” she advised the students.

Art of Kintsukuroi

Pointing out that setbacks are also important in helping to learn how to overcome crisis, she touched upon the concept of Kintsukuroi, which is a Japanese art of repairing broken pottery to make new ceramic creations, the result of which is often something more beautiful than the original. “So, one could be damaged but not destroyed,” she observed.

She went on to share from her own experiences and spoke about the lessons that she has learned. “Move out of your comfort zone, work towards a fit mind in a fit body, dream big, boost teamwork, enjoy each task, lean on friends, and focus on all-round development. Attitude is important — a combination of head and heart while you take decisions is vital. These openings will make you resilient to adaptations. Mix work with pleasure and make it fun. Remember — time, tongue and trust should be respected. So, adjust, adapt and then adopt. Communicate and coordinate. As Indians, our culture is our support.”




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