15 Nov 2019 18:51 IST

Focus on leadership and entrepreneurship, says Mizuho Bank CEO at IIM-B

Koji Fujiwara spoke of the opportunity to enhance the bank’s engagement with IJSC

“Start your business and contribute the society and change your world with a focus on the three “ships” — leadership, entrepreneurship and partnership,” said Koji Fujiwara, President and CEO of Mizuho Bank, at IIM Bangalore. He spoke of the opportunity to enhance the bank’s engagement with the India Japan Study Centre (IJSC) at IIM-B.

Fujiwara expressed “great pleasure and honour to be at an excellent school like IIM-B”, and lauded the G2G relationship initiated by the Prime Ministers of India and Japan. “This would be the foundation to further enhance the private sector relationship in the future,” he said.

“Indians as very talented people with great expertise,” he said.

Japan popular destination

Mizuho Bank is among the top 20 banks in the world, and top three banks in Japan, with total assets of approximately $1.89 trillion.

Prof G Raghuram, Director, IIM-B, listed the areas of engagement between the India Japan Study Centre at IIM-B and Japan, and said for that IIM-B students, Japan remains a popular country, when focussing on business planning for international markets.

Prof Krishna Sundar, Chair of the India Japan Study Centre at IIM-B, said: “It is a wonderful opportunity to have with us an individual who drives global business and possesses deep academic involvement with the best institutes in the world.”


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