02 March 2022 12:35:29 IST

Great Learning partners with Wharton Online

Source: Getty Images

Edtech company Great Learning has announced a collaboration with Wharton Online of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to expand access to top-tier faculty and coursework from the world’s first collegiate business school.

The collaboration will provide Wharton Online courses through Great Learning’s online learning platform, supported by its signature mentorship programme to provide learners with individualised attention from industry professionals.

About the course

The first course, customer-centric marketing strategy, is designed to help learners radically rethink ways to develop and implement customer-focused marketing strategies that convert customers into lifelong brand loyalists.

Over 10 weeks, beginning in April 2022, the immersive course features live sessions hosted by Wharton faculty, weekly mentoring sessions from seasoned industry professionals, a team-based simulation, and a capstone project. Upon successful programme completion, learners will receive a certificate from Wharton Online. 

“Our collaborations with the world’s top-tier institutions like Wharton have helped millions of learners upskill and advance their careers,” said Mohan Lakhamraju, founder and CEO of Great Learning.

For mid-level managers

“We are excited to continue expanding our global presence and impact with the Wharton School’s highly esteemed business and marketing experts. This marketing strategy course will enable professionals to hone new skills and drive customer-centric marketing strategies within their workplaces.”

Designed for mid-to senior-level professionals across a variety of industries, the course may be of particular interest to marketing and brand managers, product managers and leaders, business managers and leaders, e-commerce and sales managers, client relationship managers, entrepreneurs, and CXOs.

“Any professional who is working to build a long-term profitable customer base will find immense value in the customer-centric marketing strategy course,” said Wharton Marketing Professor Peter S Fader, who is the programme’s academic director.