27 Apr 2020 21:53 IST

ICFAI Business School among world’s most successful case publishers

Is part of the Big Three globally, along with Harvard and INSEAD

ICFAI Business School Hyderabad has emerged as one of the world’s top case publishing schools ever since the prestigious Case Awards (Popularly called the case method Oscars) went global in 2011. The UK-based independent home of the case method, The Case Centre (TCC), said in a release, while reflecting on the 30 years of its awards, which was earlier called the ‘European awards’ and was restricted only to European Business Schools.

Since the awards went global in 2011, the most successful winners were Harvard (with 31 awards), INSEAD (19) and ICFAI Business School (14). The next three places were cornered by IMD (9),Copenhagen Business School (7) and Stanford (5).

TCC also noted that renowned management guru Sumantra Ghosal was the most successful individual author with 13 awards between 1991 and 2006. But competition increased in 2011 when the awards went global as established players from North America became eligible. According to TCC, “The stand-out individual award-winner has come from India. ICFAI Business School’s Debapratim Purkayastha has ten awards to his name. Since winning his first award in 2014, Purkayastha has enjoyed continued success across several subject categories, so it’s easy to imagine that Sumantra’s record will be under threat in the next few years.”

Prof Purkayastha, the Director of IBS Case Research Centre, said, “ICFAI Business School is among the big three in case publishing, despite being a relative newcomer (just two decades old). Around 43 per cent of our case awards came in the last three years. Parameters like case usage statistics, awards from different sources, number of worldwide best-selling cases, all point towards this fact, as well as to the high quality and popularity of our cases.”

Purkayastha said that the accelerating Covid-19 pandemic will force even institutions that have never used cases to adopt them to make their online classes more effective and engaging. “An ever increasing number of institutions are turning towards ICFAI Business School during these tough times, as they shift their classes online. The key challenge in online learning is keeping the students engaged while delivering the learning outcomes. Adoption of active learning approaches such as using real-world cases can go a long way in achieving this. The next big challenge is access to the right cases. Institutions can choose from our 6,000 plus cases to spice up their online classes,” he added.