04 April 2022 15:02:27 IST

IIM Ahmedabad row: Alumni launch petition against new logo

IIM Ahmedabad

After the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) showed its intent to launch the 'refreshed' logo of the institute in June this year, upset alumni of the premier B-school have started an online petition campaign to mount pressure on the authorities to reconsider the proposal of changing the Institute's logo.

An alumnus, Sowjanya Bonda started an online signature drive with petition over IIMA's decision of change of logo.

"This correspondence is sprouting out of anguish that the proposed logo change might lead to brand dilution and loss of critical elements of our identity," she wrote in the petition, which was signed by 1,076 people till noon of April 4.

Heated debate

A storm of debate had erupted last week after IIMA's management proposed two fresh designs of the existing 60-year-old logo. The alumni, faculty, and students, have shown a strong emotional connection with the current logo that represents the popular 'Tree of Life' carving from one of the stone latticework windows at the 1573-AD Sidi Saiyyed Mosque in Ahmedabad.

"We are writing to appeal to the institute to not change the logo and allow us, the alumni, the privilege of this rare constant in our lives," said the petition making a prayer before the management to reconsider its decision.

The alumni also questioned the need for a change of the logo, especially when none of the factors such as new competition or the change in the target audience is relevant for IIMA. "This leaves us wondering what is the real purpose of the proposed change in the logo? We would all like to not allow any political agendas to have a say in the current proposal," the petition said about the new logo design.

Seeking resolution

"Having two logos is also a very impractical way of tackling the issue. There are many better ways of attracting International students or talent," the petition said.

The alumni also noted, "We continue to contribute to the development of the institute in many ways. We hire and mentor IIMA graduates, we donate funds for the institutes' development, we are always eager to share our knowledge and support various initiatives of the Institute. Above all, some of the alumni have actually outperformed their own alma mater bringing in International fame and name to the institute. We all are proud stakeholders of brand IIMA."

"We will be happy to further share our perspective over a virtual call and hope to hear from you," they said seeking further dialogue before the final decision is enforced.