02 September 2022 13:10:28 IST

IIM Bangalore and King’s College London profs conduct joint research

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) along with King’s College London is the recipient of the prestigious UKRI-ICSSR grant on “Enablers and Obstacles for UK-India Trade: Banks and Diasporas.” The ongoing project is led by Prof Prateek Raj in IIM Bangalore, and Sunil Kumar and Kamini Gupta at King’s College London.

The three academics will come together as a panel on September 8, 2022, at the IIMB auditorium to discuss their learnings. The audience will get to hear about how migrant populations found roots in the fertile soil of Avadh and produced an ocean of musical traditions, cuisines, people, dialects, crafts, customs, and traditions.

The 30-minute panel discussion will be followed by a cultural performance. Organised as part of a research project by King’s College London and IIM Bangalore on the hand-knotted carpet industry, the performance will also provide a unique insight on project themes such as social networks, the lives and work of chinkakari karigars, and the carpet cluster in Khairabad.