02 Mar 2019 16:36 IST

IIM Calcutta launches FinTech programme

Students can tap the huge potential of fintech to design, drive new product strategies

The Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C), launched an advanced programme in FinTech and Financial Blockchain for the benefit of management and finance professionals. The programme is offered in association with TalentSprint, and is scheduled to start from May, 2019.

“The programme will help participants appreciate the explosive growth of FinTech and its increasingly disruptive impact on the banking and financial ecosystem. In addition, it will prepare them to exploit the immense potential of FinTech to design and drive new product strategies for their organisations,” said a press statement issued by IIM-C.

On the global stage, FinTech is attracting significant investments with over 1000 companies raising more than $100 billion in the recent past. India is now a leading contender to become the FinTech capital of the world. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) reported a total of 2.45 billion digital payments in August 2018. While NASSCOM estimates Indian FinTech will double in size every three years, Gartner predicts that within a decade, 80 per cent of financial firms will lose their relevance because of the threats posed by new FinTech advancements, unforeseen competition, and altered customer preferences.

Hybrid executive format

This programme will be delivered in a hybrid executive format with onsite visits to the IIM-C campus and live online sessions via the TalentSprint digital platform. In addition, TalentSprint will use its knowledge and network within the FinTech sector to curate and offer state-of-art capstone projects for programme participants, and actively leverage its digital platform for the purpose of accelerated experiential learning.

“A vast majority of firms in the banking and financial sector believe that lack of adequate FinTech talent is an existential threat to their future. Our FinTech programme is designed with today’s management and finance professionals in mind, and will leverage the deep research and consulting expertise of IIM-C faculty and our state-of-art Finance Lab. We plan to equip and enable 2000 FinTech professionals in the next few years and our association with TalentSprint will help us achieve this objective,” Prof Indranil Bose, Programme Director said.