19 Dec 2018 20:28 IST

IIM Indore bids farewell to Prof Rishikesha T Krishnan

Board members and faculty share memories, highlight his achievements as Director

December 19, 2018 was an emotional day for the IIM Indore community which bid a heartfelt farewell to Prof Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Director. The Institute also bid adieu to Prof Abha Chatterjee, Faculty- Communication Area, who will be superannuating on December 31, and Prof Meenakshi Aggarwal Gupta, Faculty, IIM Indore Mumbai Campus, who will be leaving on the same day on completion of her contract period.

Col. (Retd) Gururaj Gopinath Pamidi, CAO, IIM Indore, welcomed the gathering of faculty and staff members. He invited Prof Gupta to share her experience working with the Institute. She noted that working with the Institute has been a very remarkable and fascinating journey and all the staff and colleague members had extended wholehearted support during her tenure.

Addressing the gathering, Prof Abha Chatterjee said, “Nothing lasts forever, but memories do. Fifteen years ago when I joined the Institute, it was a small community of 15 faculty members and a small group of staff in another building. We were very close and all used to live together as a family. Today our family is a huge one, and I have so many good memories to cherish.” She acknowledged all the support extended by everyone.

Prof Krishnan then said that the day he had joined years ago, he was wondering how his next years would be at IIM Indore. “However, the Institute has always been a warm and friendly place, which helped my journey to start and end both on a positive note. We have made progress in research in the past years with amazing faculty colleagues, and I believe IIM Indore will keep achieving more accolades in future.” He thanked all the faculty members, staff members, the Board of Governors and the Ministry for always being supportive during his tenure.

Deepak Satwalekar, Chairman, IIM Indore, was present on the occasion along with Prof Himanshu Rai, Faculty, IIM Lucknow.

Satwalekar said Prof Krishnan, is a leader who is an integral part of the Institute. “The credit for IIM Indore’s stabilisation goes to Prof Krishnan. On the academic front, his efforts to bring research and publications to the forefront have been admirable. He had the ability to connect with all the internal and external stakeholders in a smooth manner. Any positive connect with the outside world is important for the Institute, and Professor Krishnan’s role in this has been very strong,” he said. He noted how the IPM has been a successful course during Prof Krishnan’s tenure and that his efforts have made it a huge accomplishment.