04 Oct 2019 15:51 IST

IIM Indore celebrates 23rd foundation day

Sadashiv Nayak, CEO, Food Business, Future Group

Director Himanshu Rai says that the institute wants to prepare socially conscious leaders

IIM Indore celebrated its 23rd Foundation Day on October 3. The chief guest was Sadashiv Nayak, CEO, Food Business, Future Group.

Prof Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore, said, “We need to pause and think what foundation really means, and what it is that a country or the world should be founded on. I believe that the foundation of humankind is dharma. And by dharma, I don’t mean religion or your belief system. I believe that the dharma of humans should be humanity.”

He said that the mission of the institute is to prepare socially conscious leaders, and these leaders should follow the ten attributes of dharma — Dhriti (patience), Kshama (forgiveness), Dam (control over mind), Asetya (non- covetousness), Shauch (clean mind and body), Indriyanigrah (consciousness), Dhiya (wisdom), Vidya (understand the difference between being educated and literate), Satyam (follow truth) and Akrodh (control over anger).

‘Every customer matters’

Nayak shared his learning from his experience while working with the Future Group. He mentioned that during a campaign for sales at his organisation, he realised that senior citizens should also be assisted and encouraged while shopping. “Every customer is important to us, understanding their needs and their feelings is equally important,” he said.


On this occasion, the institute held an award ceremony for the best teachers and best staff members. The best teachers — Prof Harshal Lowalekar and Prof Sanjeev Tripathi — were awarded ₹1 lakh each. The employees who have completed their 10-20 years of service at the institute were also felicitated. Ullas, a cultural evening was held, where teachers and staff members, and their family members danced and sang.