03 Oct 2020 18:33 IST

IIM Indore celebrates its 24th Foundation Day

Director Himanshu Rai spoke about the importance of compassion while taking decisions

IIM Indore celebrated its 24th Foundation Day today. Even though the celebrations were low key keeping in mind the Covid-19 situation, the community members were still  enthusiastic about observing the glorious 24 years of the institute. The short-duration event witnessed the presence of Prof Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore; along with Col Gururaj Gopinath Pamidi, Chief Administrative Officer, IIM Indore; and a few faculty and staff members.

Professor Rai in his Foundation Day address shared the three aspects of being compassionate — reflective listening, being devoid of ego, and acting only after due deliberation. “You need to be a reflective listener, i.e. listen to understand and not just respond, and that is the first aspect of compassion. The second aspect is being devoid of ego, which is all about not worrying whether people are giving you due importance and respect or not. However, one needs to have self-respect, which is about following your own principles and values and not doing anything which we will feel ashamed of. The real character of a person lies with what a person does when nobody is watching,” he said.

He said that we need to keep in mind everyone — even the ones who aren’t present while we take the decision. Hence, we need to act only after due deliberation — consider the interests of those who are disadvantage. “This is the kind of institution we aim to be, which is built on the foundations of equality, goes the extra mile to ensure that we do something to mitigate the discomfort and pain of other people,” he concluded.

On this occasion, the institute also held an Award Ceremony for the best teachers and best staff members of the year.



These are as follows:

Best Teacher Award: Professor Bipul Kumar and Professor Shrihari S Sohani.

Best Staff Award: Ajaya Kumar Dash, Manish Kumar Namdeo, Rakesh Kaushal, Santhi Janardanan, and Uvesh Mohammad F Chobdar.

Staff Members for Exceedingly Good Performance: Dinesh Kumar, Jitendra Singh Yadav, Kamlesh Bhatia, Ravi Jingar, and Samarth Shukla.

Apart from this, employees who have completed their ten to 20 years of dedicated service at the institute were also felicitated. The Official Language Department of the Institute had also conducted a ‘Hindi Quiz’ on the occasion of Hindi Diwas and the winners received their prizes on Foundation Day. Fifth edition of IIM Indore’s in-house Hindi Magazine, GyaanShikhar, was also released.