31 Aug 2019 19:32 IST

Leadership and marketing workshop at IIM Indore

Marketing heads across various sectors spoke on how AI and VR are changing the face of marketing

Utsaha, 11th edition of marketing fest at IIM Indore, hosted its workshop on marketing and leadership on August 31.

Sumit Arora, Regional Commercial Director (Asia), MeTHOD, spoke about accountability in marketing and evolving measurement metrics in the field of market research. Arora said, “Better marketing is more effective, more efficient and always economical.”

Khyati Madaan, Digital Marketing lead, Red Chillies Entertainment, said that AI bots, AR, VR and gamifying are changing the way films are marketed and emphasised the capitalisation of the same. She said, “The only rule in film marketing is that there is no rule.”

Integration of data

Prof Thomas Puliyel, Area Head - Marketing, SPJIMR, provided insights into how market research is transforming today’s business needs. He spoke about integration of qualitative and quantitative data.

Parnika Shrimali, Brand Guidance Domain Lead, Kantar South Asia Insights Division, used case studies and videos to engage the audience.Increasing audience base (Lululemon case), gender equality and safety conventions (Jim Beam case), and differentiation of products (Engage perfumes case) were the topics she discussed.