29 April 2022 04:37:04 IST

IIM Udaipur confers 392 students with MBA degrees

Pankaj Patel, Chairman, Board of Governors and Prof Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur (from left to right)

In the tenth annual convocation of IIM Udaipur, a total of 392 students graduated. One PhD student, 317 students in two-year MBA programme (batch 2020-22), and 37 students each of one-year full-time MBA in global supply chain management and digital enterprise management (batch 2021-22), were conferred with degrees.  

Pankaj Patel, Chairman, Board of Governors, of IIM Udaipur presided over the convocation. The convocation address was delivered by Sanjiv Puri, Chairman and Managing Director, ITC Ltd, the chief guest of the convocation, and the concluding address by Prof Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur.  

Valuable lessons

Congratulating all the students, and the institute for completing a decade-long journey, Puri said, “The world is changing at an unprecedented magnitude. Digital and sustainability are the defining trends for the next decade. This is the beginning of a new era where resilience and reliability are the dynamics of the geopolitical ecosystem. In the 1990s, when the Indian economy was opening up, a massive transition happened. It was then thought the coming generations would never witness these transformations. Today, it’s even more dramatic and profound. It created the desire in people to change, empowered and skilled them to adapt to the new normal.”  

Sharing some insightful examples from his career, he said, “Success is 99 per cent hard work and 1 per cent intelligence. The tremendous amount of perseverance, energy, and the ability to learn and unlearn is how you can join the dots and evolve strategically. The four lessons: challenging and seizing the opportunity, future-oriented, collaborating with energy, and pursuing a choice with passion, are the life lessons to be followed during the entire journey of your life.”  

IIM Udaipur journey

In his welcome address, Pankaj Patel, said, “We started with a strength of just 57 students, and now, over the years, we have more than 700 students in our courses. IIMU recently celebrated its decade anniversary, and the tagline “10 years unstoppable” both captures the pioneering spirit of IIMU as well as encourages us in achieving the goals of our vision of 2030.” 

Talking of the achievements IIMU of the year, Patel further said, “This year is special as all the courses have achieved 100 per cent placements one month before the convocation. Considering the innovative approach, achievements, and global vision, IIMU has established a Fund-Raising Unit, which has already received funds of ₹2.1 crore in the last few months. We also consciously conducted a culture study at the institute that brought forth the values of collegiality and accessibility at IIMU.”  

Award winners

In his concluding address, Prof Janat Shah, said, “You are the first batch who started their MBA journey online due to the unprecedented global pandemic outbreak. You supported your teachers and batchmates and showed resilience under great stress. This graduating batch will remain a special batch for us as you helped us manage these difficult times without compromising the transformational experience quality. We are already proud of your forthcoming achievements and anticipate the unique paths you will tread that will benefit you, society and humankind.” 

Arti Srivastava was awarded the PhD degree in marketing. Ajeesh Kumar BK was awarded a gold medal for scholastic performance in the MBA in global supply chain management. Tatta Mohan Krishna was awarded a gold medal for MBA in digital enterprise Management. Pallavi Goyal, Shivam Kumar, and Kusumit Goyal were jointly awarded gold medal for scholastic performance in the flagship MBA course. Diksha of two-year MBA (batch 2020-22) course was adjudged the best all-round student.