17 Sep 2020 20:05 IST

IIM Udaipur launches accelerator programme for start-ups

Upto ₹1 lakh rapid prototyping support will be provided to education, healthcare, and fintech start-ups

IIM Udaipur has launched a three-month accelerator programme to provide start-ups with the resources they need to grow quickly, test the market, and become viable. Start-ups that are in the process of scaling and marketing their products, in the field of education, healthcare, and fintech, are eligible for this programme.

Upto ₹1 lakh rapid prototyping support will provided to selected start-ups, and $10,000 Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud credits to all participating start-ups for free. The three-month programme is going to take place online due to Covid-19 and it begins on November 1. IIM Udaipur’s Incubation Centre will select 12 start-ups to receive in-depth mentoring and feedback from industry experts and mentors. At the end of the programme, selected start-ups will be ready to pitch their product to investors and industry participants on the demo day.

Kannan Soundararajan, CEO, IIM Udaipur Incubation Centre, said, “The third edition of Launch-n-Zoom will deep dive into education, healthcare and fintech sector, building a strong and effective network with other leaders and entrepreneurs in the industry to enable meaningful partnerships with start-ups.”

The programme is designed to to offer tailored mentoring sessions based on each venture’s unique needs. Also, it will feature some start-up founders who have passed the first round of investment, to guide the participants by sharing their experience.

In the programme held last year, IIM Udaipur’s Incubation Centre had hosted 27 start-ups, out of which 18 start-ups were selected.